It’s getting to that time of year

In Melbourne, Australia, you know Spring is coming when you start to smell fragrant wafts of Sweet Pittosporum and Jasmine flowers in the air. Considered weeds by some, both are planted – and just seem to pop-up – in gardens and parks all over the city.

This smell brings with it the promise of fresh red berries, plump dark cherries, aromatic nectarines and peaches, golden-orange apricots and more. In other words, it is one of the first signs that the cold grey Winter is coming to an end, that warm days and evenings won’t be long, and that all the good stuff will be available in abundance at the markets soon.

I love this time of year, and look forward to all the delicious summer fruits. I also start to plan ahead – gathering jars and lids, putting reminders in the calendar, and mentally setting aside time to make my supplies of jam, sauce and bottled fruit while the picking is good.

Afterall, there’s nothing like that feeling of a full to bursting pantry, with plenty of jars to last you and your family until the next summer, and a few to give away for gifts. It makes me feel like a wealthy woman!

This year, I want to start recording my makings, and share recipes, stories and poems from – and inspired by – my mother’s book Windfalls (see About).

I’ll be back soon with more…